Interesting projects

These are some of the projects I've worked during my career.

  • Meteosam project

    Research engineer developing the weather forecast TTS system for television broadcasting, as a limited domain unit selection system. It utilizes a curated database of speech segments for accurate and natural speech output. The system excelled at conveying weather details but was less versatile compared to general TTS systems.

  • SALERO project

    Semantic audio-visual entertainment reusable objects. I was responsible for creating a TTS system in English and Spanish as an API capable of handling meta-data.

  • TTS for videogames

    Led research at Phonetic Arts to incorporate advanced TTS models into gaming, focusing on: a) achieving natural audio processing and expressivity, meeting user expectations, and b) creating the first gaming-specific on-device TTS systems.

  • High-quality Google TTS

    Spearheaded Google TTS system development from research to production (backend and on-device), implementing a hybrid PhD proposal for all voices and languages. Main focus on high-quality, expressive parametric synthesis and hybrid systems for optimal voice naturalness.

  • AutoML and model architecture optimization

    Led the development of advanced ML models using efficient techniques. Created AdaNet, an ensemble system, and expanded it for general model architecture search, excelling in speech technology applications. Skilled in automating ML models, encompassing feature engineering and multi-objective optimization.